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LavaSkie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul - basic information and download
The mod gives the player a chance to continue the Skie plot begun in Siege of Dragonspear. The DLC gave the Silvershield girl a very important role in it's plot, but I felt it was so important that it should be somehow continued in BG2 portion of the game. The mod has three different components:

=> component A - Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul - New quest for Baldur's Gate 2 EE => this component provides a new quest that gives player a chance to save Skie Silvershield after what happened in Siege of Dragonspear. You should be warned, though, that saving her comes with a price. The mod starts in Irenicus' Dungeon, when you find the main quest item.

=> component B - Allow Skie to return as a joinable NPC => this components allows you to join Skie if you decide to help the Silvershield girl and succeed. She will find you after some time. She will start to look for you in certain inns, so remember to stop and rest a while from time to time. The NPC comes with some timered and situation talks, banters with each NPC (at least 2 in SoA + 1 in ToB), interjections, an epilogue and other things joinable companions should include. Note that there is no romance here, as I wanted to stress companionship and loyalty based on friendship rather romantic love. The NPC component was written to enjoy Skie's presence in the group, rather than provide hundreds of lines, but she should talk to you once in a while. In terms of size, she could be compared to Kulyok's Tiax or Coran.

=> Component C - Add brand new SoD oriented items to BG2 => this component adds new SoD refferences to BG2 by adding new few items that somehow correspond to Siege of Dragonspear characters, places and happenings (Skie included). The items are sold by a new merchant at the promenade. He's standing new Lord and Lady Ophal. This component is independent an may be installed without components A and B.

Note that Skie in this mod is supposed to continue the Siege of Dragonspear character, so Skie may be a tiny bit mature, but still a bit reckless and will not hesitate to tell how she feels about people and events. The change in her character may be seen in both dialogues and soundset.

Also, to make her portrait blend in better with Baldur's Gate II style of portraits, the mod uses edited version of her original picture.

Hi Lava,

Not sure if it's intended or not but Download page for old Skie Redone mod has description and download link for newer mod: Skie - The Cost of One Girl's Soul. It's a bit misleading since there is a dropbox repository for Skie Redone.
Some clarification: the mod in the downloads were supposed to include only new Skie. In "NPCs" section only the names are mentioned (and info for what game that mod is, like "BG2"). Thus Skie is mentioned there only by her name, description states correctly that this is Skie from "The Cost".
Now about the old Skie mod - it is horrible. I would rather forget it exists, because the story is not compatibile with both FR lore and now also with SoD. The character itself is poorly written. The mod's quality is... well... quite bad. I kept her on the DropBox only to have an archived version of the mod, but to be honest, I don't want people to play that version.
So I encourage everyone to use Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul instead. It's SO much better and way more interesting than the old version Smile

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