by Lava at 09-13-2021, 12:45 PM
Thanks to Pinkpanther a bunch of WM projects received new translations! All these are now available in Korean:

  1. Colours of Infinity: Tales of the Deep Gardens
  2. Colours of Infinity: The White Queen
  3. Colours of Infinity: Innershade
  4. Colours of Infinity: I Shall Never Forget
  5. Athkatlan Grounds: Ooze's Lounge
  6. Athkatlan Grounds: Southern Edge
  7. Shades of the Deep Gardens
Thanks, Pinkpanther!
by Lava at 08-30-2021, 05:08 PM
Thanks to Cahir almost every IWD EE mod hosted on WM was just updated. Instead of ANSI=>UTF-8 conversion, the mods use UTF-8 text files directly. The update comes with additional text correction.

Thanks to Austin and Deratiseur for additional help with Russain and French translations!

by Lava at 07-09-2021, 12:29 PM
The number of NPC mods available at Weasel Mods is increasing. When using the menu at the download section to browse BG NPC mods, the list would be quite... long. To make it a bit clearer, I divided NPC mods into IWD NPCs and BG NPCs. When checking BG NPCs, you will see new submenu - Baldur's Gate (EE) NPCs and Baldur's Gate 2 (EE) NPCs.
It's a small change but perhaps useful when you're trying to find companions for a specific game part.
by Lava at 02-02-2021, 08:28 PM
I am happy to announce that - thanks to norQ - all my IWD EE quest mods are now available in Polish! Parts of the Night of the Blinking Dead translations are based on memory's (CoB) translation of the Ooze's Lounge. (some of the items appear in both mods) Thanks, guys!
by Lava at 12-20-2020, 06:19 PM
It's always good to play a bit during the break from school, work, university... right? Because of that what we need is some winter updates. New versions and mods that's going to make our new runs even more interesting.
I hope to prepare something nice for you, Baldur's Gate fans; something to make your new runs even nicer. Hmm... perhaps there's even something new on the horizon...?

Winter releases:

AG: Ooze's Lounge v2.9
Shades of the Sword Coast v.BETA1
White NPC v2.1
Verr'Sza BG2 v1.0
Quayle BG2 v6.1
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