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LavaOoze's Lounge - basic information and download
The mod introduces a brand new part of Athkatlan sewers. You may now use the originally inactive grate in Slums to enter a locked part of the sewers and discover its dark corners. The mod offers three new areas as well as a couple of mini-quests, new items and graphics. Gather your party and visit the Ooze's Lounge, a special place with spacial wares, locked from most commoners, yet opened for adventurers like yourself, Bhaalspawn.
Even though the mod was made with BG2EE in mind, it should work fine with the old BG2.

Hi Lava,

It seems that the version number on the download page indicates version 2.2 instead of 2.3 (download link redirects correctly to v2.3).
Fixed! Thank you Smile

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Ooze's Lounge - basic information and download00