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LavaAthkatlan Grounds - the idea behind the series
Athkatlan Ground mod series is now available at Weasel Mods and previously at Spellhold Studios. What's the aim of this mod series? To add some new interesting places to the city we already know so well. Because we always want more and see some corners previously hidden from us and our faithful companions, right?
With this mod series I want to add:
=> new areas which all players will happily discover and enjoy - everything blending in with the original content and city dynamics.
=> new characters and encounters that will build the atmosphere of the new areas and tell stories you have never heard before.
=> new quests that that will give player some nice experience and rewards, which will hopefully open new strategies and possibilities for Bhaalspawn and the rest of the gang.
=> new merchants and items with some new graphics, that will also provide some new combinations with existing gear.
=> well as many other things that will help to make the mod and the game itself enjoyable and fun.
Hopefully Athkatlan Grounds will become a chance for players to discover new parts of the city we've already visited so many times. The idea isn't to reshape what is there, but expand the City of Coins.
How accurate to official Faerun lore are your new locations?  (I know some things are simply left for GMs to fill in and was curious if you incorporated things excluded from the video games that were officially in Faerun.)
They are not part of the official lore. I was considering that, BUT then I found out that lore says that there are 10 districts, (and none of them are named as the in-game districts: Bridge District, Center District, Gem District, Grave District, Guard District, River District, Scepter District, Temple District, Trades District, Wave District) that I feel are only linked with the game by the tavern names... I know, there are more similarities, but reading about Athkatla on Forgotten Realms Wiki made me think the city got way too simplified and modified.

However, there is an actual city gate on the map in the same place I placed the Southern Edge. Ooze's Lounge is under Athkatla and isn't an official thing + in the mod the place is actually used by like 4-5 creatures and while interesting, it isn't really important. Tangled Oak Isle is probably a bit more lore-unfriendly, but I thought the game lacks such place, I had a map ready so I decided to write all of this Smile And Tangled Oak Isle is more like an enclave, on one hand part of the City (or rather surrounded by it) and on the other hand something seperate.

Even though it's not exactly taken from the books (etc) I hope you will still enjoy the mod Smile
I will add one more point. In this mod (in the first component), another Athkatla district, Water Gardens, has been added. And in dialogs, some other areas are mentioned (for example, Scepter District).
Austin - I know it, I helped to improve that small Water Garden area years ago Smile I think I'm still in the readme.
Anyway, I'll just say that there are many mods that make Athkatla more interesting.

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