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LavaThe Journey to the Whin Hill - basic information and download
The Journey to the Whin Hill is an IWD-style adventure for BG2EE, in which you are sent to find a man in a new area known as the Whin Hill. However beware, as the place is known to be a home for wyverns, but... that's not the only threat you will find there. Also... why would anyone live in such a place? Find out, by visiting this new area and following the path under the hill.

There is also a bonus component: the mod includes a secret optional companion you may add to your game: Afu-Zuuvi, a chaotic neutral cleric/thief. He has less content than fully-fledged companions, but still includes a few short talks with the PC, 1 banter talk with each BioWare / Beamdog NPC in SoA and 1 in ToB. He also includes some interjections, a personal kit, soundset and a couple of items. You may also install basic player-initiated dialogues (an optional component)

A new quest for BG2 ? Awesome !
It's small, but still, something new! And it includes Afu-Zuuvi, a rather cheerful optional companion. Also small / minor one, but I believe some may still like him! Smile
how do you start the quest ?
There is a man standing near the Waukeeen Temple in Gov. District Smile
Thank you,  interesting drinking buddies at the end
No problem! Smile

You may also want to pop in later, after the Underdark, as the merchant may have some like 2-3 new items Smile

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The Journey to the Whin Hill - basic information and download00