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RoyalProtectorCompatibility with other popular BGEE quest mods?
I've been told this mod can break other quests mods for some reason because it doesn't "integrate" well with the rest... At least that's what the EE Install Tool says.

Any known incompatibilities?

I have mods such as Unfinished Business, Romantic Encounters, Stone of Askavar, Mini quests and encounters, Balduran's Seatower, Ascalon's Questpack, northern tales or the sword coast, dsotscv.

Also, just wanted to report that while the Firewine Bridge wild magic tweak is cool, it kinda breaks the encounter at the end of the dungeon, because there are two wizards there. More often than not, they end up crippling themselves Tongue

Thank you in advance!
I would recommend checking posts like this and this.

I'll just say that when it comes to that tool everything becomes complicated because I do not know what mod version it uses and I can't recommend that tool. Also, in the mod readme you'll see this note:

Quote:Install as every WeiDU mod - copy the content of the archive into your main BGEE directory. Remember, that Steam users need to install modmerge first. Run Setup-SotSC.exe and follow instructions on the screen. This mod requires an updated EE version of the game, preferably with Siege of Dragonspear.

The mod should be compatible with most BGEE mods that use WeiDU installation. You should start a new game to enjoy all-new content, as many areas need to be updated and properly loaded into your game. The mod must be installed after Dark Horizons if you want both mods to work properly.

If some mod rewrites areas modified by this mod (my replacing the file, rather than updating the most recent file), problems may appear. To keep good compatibility, try to avoid mods then use "hard replacing", rather than updating files dynamically.

The mod is compatible with Enhanced Edition Trilogy and should be installed after EET.

The mod works with BP-BGT Worldmap, thanks to GraionDilach, however due to free space on BP-BGT Worldmap, the placement of the new areas isn't as good as on BGEE and native EET worldmap.

I think you should be fine when installing my mod with those you mentioned (I hope you're speaking of the Seatower available here because there's also this version provided by the tool's author). I don't think I used DSotSC in years, but I tried to make things work as smoothly with other stuff as I found possible. I think it's safer to install SotSC after mods you are unsure if override stuff "the hard way", because my mods mostly updates latest files when it comes to areas and it's those files that can sometimes be problematic Smile

As you can see this situation doesn't make it really clear for some new users, but I hope you'll have fun Smile With a small number of mods, I think I would install stuff manually, though.

Have a good day!
Actually I do manual installs, I just use those tools to see if there are mods that have escaped my notice and that I might be interested in.

Thanks for your answer, I think I'll be able to accommodate your mod in my mod list, thank you very much for your great work! Big Grin
You're welcome! Smile  PI may be something you may likeSmile
Hello. Also would like to know if compatible with one of the mods, namely Vienxay NPC. She had quite a big encounter in the forest area(cloakwood). I wonder if those two mods won't overlapss or something. Btw any chance for some banters between your White NPC and Vienxay... That would be so good.

Anyways thanks for the content. You are the Stephen king of modding community Smile
Hah! I never thought of myself as Stephen King of modding  Cool

I don't think there is any compatibility problem between Vienxay and SotSC, nothing was ever reported and those two mods are pretty popular. Besides, Skitia is also an experienced modder and I believe we both code stuff to be as compatible with other stuff as it's possible Smile

I don't think there will be any compatibility issues either.

But I agree about the Stephen King of the modding community comment. Tongue
Hah! Thanks Heart

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