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VenBug reports
The small quest "The girl that wants to climb" stays in the journal, even after she got healed- see entry:
From EE-Keeper:
"Day 20, Hour 6 (21 Mirtul, 1281)
A Girl That Wants to Climb
I met a girl that was attacked by an unusual viper. Its venom paralyzed her. I found a way to remove the paralysis and the girl could play again and climb the Great Oak again. Perhaps she'll become a hero once she's old enough. (StrRef: 50402)"
Is this a minor issue or is there more to this quest?
A bug, from what I remember. If you got a little something from her guardian, then it's finished. BTW, you may want to visit Weenog while having that snack with you.
Thx, I gave Weenog something "tasty"
Oh, such nice of you! Smile

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