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LavaWhite NPC - updates
A new verison is here! Version 2.1 introduce stats' revision and script that adjust his XP if he's joined later in the game. Thanks Aion Z for help!
Any chance you can offer an option to make White available earlier in the game? Kind of like Eldoth/Skie in your latest mod (Vanishing of Skie Silvershield)?
White is available right from the start. Once you visit Ulcaster (no matter the chapter) he is standing there, in front of the entrance to the dungeon. That's pretty soon and it's not going to change.
Two issues detected with White:

a) When meeting Viconia, White had an interjection and afterwards the Flaming Fist (to kill her) did not appear. So one can't recruit her (via dialogue; well, dont' mind, it was not intended). Maybe the interjection killed the setting of the variable to make the Fist appear? If I_C_T is used this would be strange, but anyhow, what else could be the reason? (RE and BG1NPC installed)

b) He started a banter with Drake, but Drake is not with the group and was never recruited or even talked to. Clicking on "continue" ends the dialogue and I didn't recognize any problems. 

As a kind of review: I like the character. It was planned to replace him but he is still in the group. Especially I like the background story. And it tastes like: more. So please feel encouraged to create more content as time and resources allow it Wink

His quest is well designed and well, it contributes to a more crowded Ulcaster dungeon (eight-legged dungeon, Recorder quest, Mal-Kalen (UB), etc.) but still there is no direct interference. 

The red bear armor from SotSC seems to be designed for him. I like that.
The Viconia encounter bug happened because there was a wrong reference. I fixed that just now Smile
I also fixed the problem with Drake's crossmod talk Smile

This is an old and not very popular mod and yet you thought to share your opinion and you reported those bugs and... well, that's really nice of you! I added "Special thanks" in the credits and put your nickname in there Smile

So, yep, v2.2 is up Smile

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White NPC - updates00