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LavaWill of the Wisp - basic information and download
[Image: mttnjfva7tp4.jpg]

"Will of the Wisps" is my new BG2EE mod in-progress. I don't usually show my work when it's not ready, but I decided to make an exception. The mod is to introduce more shamanism in BG2. I understand that many people just don't play shamans because they do not get their own Stronghold and there is no shamanic NPCs in BG2. That resulted in making this class very little popular. What's more, right now original game does not include any kits for shaman class.

Some information from the readme:

Quote:The mod introduces many shamanic improvements to BG Series. After playing Siege of Dragonspear I had a feeling that shamans in BG1 and BG2 would use some nice additions. Keep in mind that the mod was created with BG2 in mind, so if you try to install the mod on BG1, you will only see the component with the new shamanic kit. In mod you can find:

=> the brand new shaman kit: Witchlight Shaman
=> Shaman's Stronghold along with optional change of shaman's class description (to erase "no stronghold" line)
=> Brand new NPC - Will, the undead witchlight shaman (may be joined on the Shaman's stronghold area, which is available for every CHARNAME)
=> A mini-quest to restore a certain area's power (first Stronghold quest which is available to every PC)
=> Optional new items for shamans and exclusive items for undead NPCs (like Will or Hexxat)
=> Optional new enemy types: driders and treants (you may now encounter just few of these)

Install like any other WeiDU mod, by unzipping the mod in your BG2EE game directory and running Setup-willowisp.exe on Windows or equivalent on other platforms. You must have an EE version of the game updated to v2.0 or higher. The mod should be compatible with any other WeiDU mod.This mod also can be installed with (after) the Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET), before EET_End.

Q: When/Where can I find Will or the shaman stronghold?
A: After destroying the Shade Lord, you will encounter a wisp. Listening to it will start the short quest leading to both.
Q: Will dies instantly when I travel to a different location! Help!
A: Read his joining dialogue... he states that he physically can't leave without visiting his grave first.
Q: How often will I need to return to the stronghold?
A: You will be notified three days since the previous event.
Q: Does Will have conflicts with other NPCs?
A: No. He might not get along so well with everyone, but he won't fight with them.
Q: Can I romance Will?
A: No. You can try, but he'll turn you down. However, he might have something to say if you romance another party member.
Q: Any crossmod content?
A: Yes. If installed, Will may have a small talk (or two) with: Foundling, Pai'Na, Petsy, Quayle, Sirene.

Mod author - Lava Del'Vortel
Kit, feedback, text editing, testing and debugging - Artemius_I
Testing and debugging - agb1
Additional technical help - argent77
Voicing - Soul
Music source - Planescape: Torment; Laurent Danis (
Stock image used for the portrait - NikitaKalevala (

Thank you to all players who decided to try out this and my other mods I created over the years.


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Will of the Wisp - basic information and download00