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Tangled Oak Isle updates - Lava - 07-09-2020

I'm happy to say that Tangled Oak Isle v0.91 is up! Thanks to Austin the mod now includes a Russian translation, plus it should also be compatible with EET.

RE: Tangled Oak Isle update - Endarire - 07-12-2020

How compatible is Tangled Oak Isle with the EET version of the mod World Map?  There may be incompatibilities.

RE: Tangled Oak Isle update - Lava - 07-12-2020

You'd need to ask Austin as he helped with that. I do not play EET or BGT (when using old games, before EE got published) thus I never really needed Worldmap mod. Remember, though, that there is a certain order needed. As mentioned in Southern Edge:
Quote:Compatibility notes: the mod updates existing mapicons.bam file; if you're using a mod that overrides mapicons.bam instead of patching it, it should be installed before the mod. BP-BGT Worldmap, which is always installed in the end.

So if there are problems, make sure that the order is ok first Smile

RE: Tangled Oak Isle update - Lava - 07-12-2020

v0.92 is available! There was a bug with the main quest not progressing if Cernd wasn't in the group. It should be fine now.

RE: Tangled Oak Isle update - Lava - 07-24-2020

New version is up! And there are many changes!

  • fixed L#NIH01.d
  • fixed L#NIFIS.d
  • enhanced L#NIBRI.baf
  • areas corrections
  • description BAMs fpr EE
  • BP-BGT-Worlmap compatibility
  • additional LOAD_TRA for non-EE
  • Chinese translation by Merzbau
  • additional testing

RE: Tangled Oak Isle update - Lava - 07-29-2020

New version is up. It includes better item descriptions by Cahir Smile Grab 1.03 now!

RE: Tangled Oak Isle update - Sarevok - 08-07-2020

very cool mod! I can say most of your mods are great too !  Big Grin

RE: Tangled Oak Isle update - Lava - 08-08-2020

Thank you, Sarevok Smile That's very nice of you, Child of Bhaal!

RE: Tangled Oak Isle update - Lava - 08-14-2020

Version 2.0 is up! Smile List of changes:
  • Text improvements for all the talks and descriptions
  • Fixed tainted liquid talk
  • Moomik journal entries fix
  • French translation by deratiseur
  • Chinise translation update
  • Russian translation update