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Full Version: SotSC - new versions
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I am happy to announce that thanks to K4thos the mod is now compatible with EET! Install it after EET and... well, have fun!
Version 6.0 is no longer a beta and was also traified. List of changes:

- The mod leaves BETA status
- Fixed visuals: Ormyrrs' quest
- Fixed area: L#HND1 flags
- Fixed quest: improved journal entries
- Fixed quest: experience for the Gardener's quest
- Native EET campatibility
- Traification
Version 6.1 is here! It offers many text corrections by   Smile Thank you! Smile
New version is up!

Version 6.4:
- Fixed The Melting Man [journal entry script bug]
- Fixed The Unusual Shards [shards should disappear after the quest]
- Changed Beetles, Dreams and an Old Man [better starting script]
- Added BP-BGT Worldmap by GraionDilach
- Italian translation update by improbabile
Version 6.6 is now available! It includes Russian translation by Tipun, sent to me by
Thanks, guys! Smile
Version 7.0 is here:

Version 7.0 - July 2022:
- Tweaked item: Nature's Talon: changed damage and THAC0 to +2, +3 vs. Thieves, enchantment remains as +3, removed on-hit spell
- Tweaked item: Circlet of Distant Shores: +2 visual range is no longer Equipped ability, but a Charge ability (once per day, affects only bards)
- Tweaked item: Lightsparks of Hope: changed item's enchantment, damage and THAC0 from +3 to +2
- Tweaked item: Dual Nature (ring): can no longer be used by lawful characters
- Tweaked item: Leather Harness: base armor class 7 (6 vs. piercing and missile, 5 vs. slashing) is now base 8 for all weapon types
- Tweaked item: Belt of Iyachtu Xvim: changed +3 THAC0 to +2 THAC0
- Tweaked item: Postponed Zee's new items to Chapter 6
- Fixed item: Shade Wyvern's Skull: changed +4 bonus to +3 (as it is said in the item description)
- Fixed item description: Plate Mail of the Oblivion => Plate Mail of Oblivion
- Fixed area: you no longer need to gather your party to leave Mountain Cemetery cave
Version 7.2 is here! It includes a Polish translation by and Roberciiik. Thanks, guys! Smile
Version 8.0 is up! New in this version:
- Fixed a few typos
- Added 8 new item description bams
- Restored unique icons for Ormyrrs' Peak and Mountain Cemetery that were lost upon EET conversion (thanks for restoration help, Graion!)
- Revealed Mountain Cemetery from the start of the game (grayed out until reached) to give a hint there is a new area there
- Added German translation by Morywen, proofread by Acifer

Special thanks to  , and   for helping with this release!