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Full Version: Feedback, Bugs und Typos
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I guess the embaressed girl in Nashkell is from this mod. When she is talking about her mother, she is referring to her as "him" (instead of "her"). 

Well I opened a new thread because I guess there will be more feedback for this mod.
Ok, thanks! However keep in mind that this mod got a lot of new content recently and I am aware that it needs more proofreading. The base part was proofread, but then more and more new quests were added and not all of them got full proofreading.

BTW, let me know which mod version you're using Smile You know, so I could check if things you report were already fixed.
My version is beta 5. 

And well: there is a "beta" in the text. Therefore I don't expect everything in a final state Wink

For the two ghosts at the bridge in Nashkell: I guess it was Nalin who told me about the issue. After I solved the problem, I thought I should report to him. But he didn't react in any way. So it would be a nice improvement, if he could congratulate to my success or state his relief that this isssue is solved. 

Anyhow the quests fits quite well to the tension in the town: the demons in the mine, the missing captain and then these ghosts which can't be banned.
The two ghosts? I don't think I added anything like that in SotSC. Maybe... you have BG1 Romantic Encounters installed? There is a component that adds such encounter/quest, but it's not from this mod. Still, it's quite funny, because it's still me who wrote that encounter for BG1 RE Smile

For the sake of the reports, it would be great if you could group your notes Smile I mean, report few things in one post, because reporting every typo may result in writing 849208 posts a day Tongue This mod REALLY needs another proofreading round. It changed greatly since BETA1...
RE: true, this is another mod I have installed for the first time. it reminded me a bit of CoI therefore I associated it with SotSC. And I thought RE always involves Charname. Funny enough that I adressed the right author Wink

Grouping: I can do that.
Some remarks: 

- Taerom: the dialogue line about the mysterious vials was not available until the red bear armor was made and "delivered". Don't know if this is caused by this mod because that dialogue is altered by quite a few mods. 

- Nice how you handled the melting man and Stone of Askavar. Starting the quest I was afraid that you ruined SoA so this was a nice suprise. I guess it is only working if SoA is installed first. Maybe this should highlighted in the readme (section IV). 

- The extension of the quest of Melicamp is not listed, but is this content of this mod?

- The dagger that is triggering an insect swarm on crits is also triggering the insect swarm if it is equipped but not used. So one can trigger the insect swarm with a bow for example. Does not seem to be intended... 

- The golem: puh, hard fight. And maybe a bit unfair as it seems protected from +2 weapons and lesser ones. And there are not so many +3 weapons (and above) available in BG1 especially not at the time when the group usually meets the golem (ok, you introduced one, but these are all longswords)

- Amaunas warm smile can be bought several times (infinite?); don't know it this is intended.

- There are some new armors that allow spellcasting but could not be used by mages. Or is this just the standard line in the description and I have to try what is possible?

- Random encounter with the guy that provides an increase in reputation: I would recommend not to do this. Because if you have a group with difficult rep management (good and evil), an unintended increase could make a party member leave at the moment you enter the next area. Ok, this is only a problem for the first time you get this encounter but on the other hand I don't think the increase in reputation is a relevant part of the encounter.

Well I have some considerations about balancing but I guess I should play the mod several times with different groups to evaluate these. And these are very few remarks for a mod in beta status (compared to others I tested). Ok, I'm not done with the whole mod and missed some parts but there is always a next run. 

And well: In this state the mod is already a must have mod in my opinion and really makes a difference for BG1. Nice work!
Thanks for all those notes. Just letting you know I read it and I'll be getting back to this list when I'll be working on the new version.

As for the Stone of Askavar - thanks! That was the idea... Smile And IIRC, I coded it the way it doesn't matter which of these mods is installed first. Took me quite a while to handle it properly, but I didn't want to bother players with following a certain order or something.

Some additional ones:  Wink

- the Melicamp quest I was asking about above is from TheCalling (and quite buggy)

- I have an EET installation with the BG Worldmap installed: here the areas west of the Gnoll fortress are located somewhere in the sea (west of Waterdeep and northwest of BGCity); for the exact location you can take a look at the first frames of the following video:

- the poison of the snakes is shown on the character pics with the "disease" icon; and I'm not sure if slow poison helps against the effect; but that is questionable as I also have installed some spell tweaks

- in area L#BAS3, the treasure chest (locked) in SW corner (not really in the corner) is hard to reach. The character is "jittering" but could not access the chest as it should be. It was possible to open the lock (quite easy, took a few seconds) and to take the items inside (more difficult, moren than 30s of jittering till the action was done)
Thanks for letting me know!
Just to clarify - you're using SotSC along with EET? (it was never tested before so if it installed fine and works, then I'm quite surprised Tongue )
Well, I installed SotSC in my BG1 installation and afterwards the EET was installed to fusion the two games. Technically the installation is in an BG1 EE installation. But I'm playing it in an EET. 

To install SotSC in an existing EET should not work. 

And the EET is not perfect. The kit descriptions are only available during the character generation and not while playing in the character screen. The rest is working fine. But you never know.
I just released BETA5.1 which includes some stuff you reported,  .

- Fixed special random encounter (with barrel)
- Fixed Amauna's Warm Smile
- Fixed Spike of Caprice
- Tweaked L#GNO2 area

Oh, an by the way:

Quote:There are some new armors that allow spellcasting but could not be used by mages. Or is this just the standard line in the description and I have to try what is possible?
Those armors are for bards and mage/thieves Smile
So, new installation. And there is a comment: due to the status of wild magic area the mage in the Firewine dungeon is easy prey as his spells don't work anymore. Maybe the same for the oger magus (but he died too fast to notice an effect). 

Regarding the quest of the bastard swords:
I can only find the two created in the area. But where is the third? I thought I found the third last time, but I don't remember where?
They should work, but... in a wild way. And that's the fun part. It's all unpredictable and lore-wise, that was always supposed to be wild-magic area. That's even mentioned at FR wiki.
As for the bastards sword - I have no idea which ones you found. There's one under the bridge, one in a different tower and one on the eastern part of the area, IIRC Smile
I missed the entrance to the "different tower". Thanks for the hint. 

And well, if the wildsurge issue is intended or accepted, I'm fine with it. And yes, there is some fun, even when I forgot about it and used magic Wink
I bet you had a blast of fun! Smile
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