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Full Version: Beta now available
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Hi! The very first beta of the SotSC is now available! Looking for new quests for your next BGEE run? This mod may offer you some nice new things of all sorts (quest, items, shops, areas...)

Download the mod
Wow! Thank you so much for your work and congratulations on the release!  Smile
Our team of translators is already preparing to translate the mod into Russian, but for now we will wait for it to exit the beta stage, as the texts may change.
Thanks, Smile Yep, wait for a moment, because who knows - maybe I will improve something or add an item or two. Everything depends on how it's going to be received and if I get any new ideas before I decide the final version should be prepared.

Meanwhile... just give it a run and let me know if you like it!

Beta continues! And by that I mean... an update! And it's a BIG ONE. Yeah, that's probably the biggest update I have ever prepared. List of changes:

- Added a new quest: "Cult of the Dargon"
- Added a new quest: "Apex Predator"
- Added a new quest: "Friend Like No Other"
- Added a new encounter: "Rovo, the Unlikely Hero"
- Added a better Energy of Planar Shades icon bam
- Added a new quest hint in "Kobolds Dream Too"
- Added a new quest hint in "Carnival and the Missing Brother"
- Added a new line in a "Beetles, Dreams and an Old Man" dialogue
- Added interjection / NPC comments
- Extended "Kobolds Dream Too": Zee may now appear in SoD
- Fixed a dialogue bug in "Into the Womanhood"
- Fixed a magic buckler price
- Fixed an introduced Taerom reply
- Fixed a magic dagger effect
- Fixed the portal animations used by the mod
- Changed Casting Time to Casting Speed to clarify the description of some items / effects
- Changed one of the spells used in the final fight of "Stronghold and its Shadow" quest
I so enjoyed this mod that I decided to register on your forum. :-)

I played beta 1, and I did all the quests minus one (but it soon will be done).

This mod blends so nicely with original content, and adds life to some empty areas.

Bear in mind that I play using Sword Coast Stratagem (with many magic weapon changed to fine ones affected by Iron Crisis) and with no XP from scroll scribing or thieving skills, and XP reduce to 50% from quests and kills.

I really like the new items : very balanced, not too powerful but useful, with an emphasis toward evil characters.

On the suggestions/bugs side :
- the leather armor from Ursa skin can be recovered from the smith an unlimited number of times.
- Quests go to the journal entries, not in the "Quests" and the "Done Quests" parts of it.
- the key for the Bhaal Collector in the sewers is not tagged as a key, so it can't be stored in a ringkey.
- the Wine of Final Rest from the Firewine Bridge is tagged as a wand instead as a potion, so it can't be use by character with low intelligence, and can't be stored in the potions bag.

- the Energy of Planar Shades is really nice, but two things bother me : first as you used a throwing dagger as weapon type, strenght bonus is added to the damage, and second, it does piercing damage, I feel magic damage like the Spiritual Hammer spell would be more fitting. Maybe you could change the weapon type from throwing dagger to dart, so it does less damage, doesn't benefit from strenght bonus, but allows three APR to compensate a little, and change damage type from piercing to magical?

- the Tongue of Thaxx'Ssyllia is well thought, but I would suggest to change it from longsword to bastard sword. Early game it's easy to have a very good magical longsword (Varscona), there is the Burning Tongue in Durlag Tower and Harrower +1 /+3 against undeads on the bounty hunters, and some mods add others magical longswords as well (Drake's quest adds a powerful longsword +2 in Baldur's Gate and Ascalon's questspack adds a Burning Sword +1 in High Edge. On the contrary, magical bastard sword are very rare : the first one you can obtain is Kondar if you choose to kill Aldeth on Cloackwood, if not you need to wait for Chapter 5 to obtain Kondar or the Bastard Sword +1 from Dorn's quest. In SoD once again longswords have the upper hand versus bastard swords.
Thank you for such kind words and the feedback!
The version you played got already a bit updated, some things may have been fixed... some weren't... I'll check things when I'll be working on BETA3 as it's already shaping min my mind.

I know about the Ursa armor and I have to check if I fixed it already or not. It's gonna be fixed in new version (if it's not fixed already) no worries! Smile
About journal entries: I know that's not working correctly, it's going to be fine once the mod is traified Smile
The tongue... well, I don't think I am going to change that one as this sword was also made for my own pleasure and characters I play, BUT I will take a look if there is something I can do about that lack of bastard swords. I need to check if I added any of those already and if not, perhaps I should.

Thank you again and expect this mod to be come even better with each new version Smile
Thank you for you work.  There is so much contents I don't know what to do next, I will probably finish my evil BG1 run so I can try your BG2 mods (a new district in Akathla is very promising) with a good, a neutral and an evil character, and come back later to BG1 to try the final version of SotSC.

Kale really like the sword as a longsword too. ;-)
Adding a bastard sword in early game would be really nice, poor Ajantis is tired of breaking all his swords before Chapter 5...
Good news - BETA 3 is here Smile

The changes:
- Added one new item to the game [bastard sword]
- Improved "Cult of the Dargon" quest
- Improved and fixed "Circles of Interest" reward
- Improved Firewine Bridge: it's now a wild magic area
- Fixed "Into the Womanhood" dialogue
- Fixed "Kobolds Dream Too" dialogue
- Fixed "Final Rest of Firewine's Soldiers" reward
- Fixed Piercewing's description
- Fixed Taerom dialogue
- Fixed Bone Collector's key

So yea, the new sword is also there.
make sure to kill one of the unique hobgoblins at the Bandit Camp and perhaps you'll fine what you were looking for Smile

Awesome !

I'm at the end of my current playthrough, and one last quest is not completed :
The Guy from Naskel looking for magical ice, I did found an Ice gem in Ice Island, but it's not what he wants. Could you give me a clue please ?
It was there Smile

[Image: ice.jpg]
Thank you ! I looked twice
on this small island
and didn't see it yesterday. I played with low brightness, maybe it's the culprit.

Now, time for SoD !
Sure! Enjoy Smile
New version up! I've decided that to make BGEE even more enjoyable, more content must be added to the game. That's why this update may be the biggest SotSC update I released. Yep, and previous one were significant too, so... well... enjoy!

Changes in BETA4:
- Added a new quest: "Infesting Light"
- Added a new quest: "The Melting Man"
- Added a new quest: "Ormyrrs' Peak"
- Added a new quest: "Doggy Life, Doggy Death"
- Added a new encounter: "Shandraha"
- Added 2 new worldmap areas [Ormyrrs' Peak and Mountain Cemetery; access them from a new travel region in the bottom of the Gnoll Stronhold area]
- Added some new items to perfume merchant's wares
- Added 4 new cursed items to the main campaign
- Added a new merchant to Firewine Bridge [appears only during the night]
- Added a new character with an unusual offer at the Carnival
- Added three craftable artifacts to the game [during the main campaign]
- Added fog to few selected areas [both added by mod and original]
- Added new creatures to existing areas: wererat, werebadger, snake, pirate, otyugh, minotaur, goblins, bugbear, beholder
- Improved encounter: "Rovo, the Unlikely Hero" and renamed it to "The Echoed Cry" [you may now find out where the kobold got his sword from]
- Improved quest: "The Parted Lovers of Ulgoth's Beard" [clarified perfume merchant's involvement in the quest]
- Slightly lowered the number of enemies in "Stronghold and its Shadow" quest
- Added an in-game not how to handle Bentley-Eldoth and SotSC conflict introduced BG1 NPC Project [if you want to take a quest from Bentley or report something, take Eldoth away from Bentley: for example move Eldoth upstairs and then talk to Bentley again]
Looks impressive ! It will be in my next playthrough, but before I need to finish BG2... And with all your mods, it takes time. ;-)
The new version is available! Smile

Version BETA5 - April 2021:
- Added a new quest: "The Ghost Ship"
- Added a new quest: "The Skeletal Captain and His Sons"
- Added a new quest: "The Dungeon of the Carnal Challenges"
- Added a new encounter: "The Tree of Shades"
- Added a new encounter: "The Inactive Golem"
- Added a new area/quest: "My Very Own Hideout"
- Added 5 encounters that may happen when traveling between some areas
- Added new interjections for BioWare/Beamdog companions
- Improved encounter: "The Bone Collector"
- Fixed "Skeletal Mother" dialogue
- Moved Skeletal Mother to a different spot
- Fixed "Halo of the Infesting Light" item
- Updated pirates' cave
- Updated Mountain Cemetery cave