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Full Version: Outdated mods - what about their future?
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As you may know, I released many mods. Some of them survived the test of time, while others... lacked "something" thus they were burried under quite a layer of dust. Some of them I will probably never update - like Aeon - as that would require too much time and effort. I would need to rewrite everything to make it acceptable. There are also other projects - like Gahesh or Tsuki BG2 - that... well, may be outdated, but there is a tiny chance they will get a proper update. But I can't promise that. If they receive a new version, though, I will probably open a seperate forum for that mod.

If you ware interested in working on such mod, you should let me know. Perhaps there are some materials I already have and would like to share and re-release a new version with you.

...until then... well, they'll have to wait.
Moved Gahesh from here, as he now has his own forum. The mod should now work on EE games and should be much better in general. It won't become my flag mod, but he is no longer as outdated as he was.

What other mods have you made that you consider "old and probably won't update" and "old but I may/I will update?"

It's all in there, in the first post: Aeon will never be updated. Gahesh is already updated. Tsuki BG2... there is a tiny chance, but it won't happen anytime soon (if ever). Swylif... there is a tiny chance, but not happening anytime soon either. LavaIt (for BG2) won't be updated, just ignore its existance. All other mods that I released and have their own forums may and probably will be updated at some point. Everything depends on time, reports, new translations etc.