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Full Version: Varshoon - new versions
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I'm happy to announce that thanks to Varshoon is now available for EET users! Yep, you can join Mister Tentacle when playing EET. Grab version 6.0 and try it out.

We found one problem arising on the Russian version. There are translated lines in the setup.tra file, and they are displayed incorrectly in the game. To fix this, please change in the .tp2 file the line before the LAF HANDLE_CHARSETS command to this:


So the problem file will be reloaded twice and the second time in the correct encoding.
Well, it would cause problems for all translations. Thanks. It's updated!

Where is a full changelog for each of your mods?
All there is may be found in the readme files. There is more precise list, but I'd say what's in there should be ok. Some changes are grouped (Like EET compatibility means: Fate Spirit change required for EET NPCs, chapter checks updates, etc. )