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Full Version: Winter Releases 2023
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Another edition of Weasel Mods’ Winter Releases is here! However, This year, you will get all the updates at once! So, if you’re planning your next run during the Winter Holidays, grab the new versions and… have fun! Here’s the list of updates:

Shades of the Sword Coast
The update includes a Chinese translation by aka Lewis Liu (鱼儿水中游), tested by Ghostcat (蔷薇天野风) as well as a new graphic for slightly improved animation of an entrance to the Undercellar's new room.

Skie: The Cost of One Girl’s Soul
The update offers fixes of some typos left in the mod, an ambient sound for the mod area, and animations for the same area. Skie’s and Eddard’s .cre files also got some minor fixes.

The Dreadful Tales: In Love, Undeath
The update comes with a little compatibility fix as well as a little update of Xzelë’s .cre files

This update also comes with minor fixes, but not just that. From now on, Fyalvara includes XP adjustment scripts, so if you decide to join her a bit later in the game, the experience gap shouldn’t be that big.

Apart from a minor .cre fix, this update also comes with a fix for a problem with Dvaradime’s talk with Ribald (the one that should come after you complete Dvaradime’s personal quest).

And that’s all! Have a wonderful time, Baldur’s Gate fans! And stay safe!
Thank you Lava! 
I just did a new install with SotSC and your BGEE NPC. ?
Well, have fun! Smile