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Full Version: Translation help
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When i tranlating L#AMBST.TRA,in entry @12,the word - ventash'ma,I can't look up it in the dictionary。Is there any other expression about “ventash'ma”?
IIRC, it's nothing specific, more like something from a different language, to suggest the person moved from a different region and is using their dialect. It's a minor thing and you can do with it whatever you want.
I decided not to translate the “ventash'ma”,and delete it from chinese text.Maybe not affect to play the game.
I don't understand this sentense in L#FAIEN1.TRA

@1    = ~Hah! Famous last words o' mine enemies, haha!~
-- please, let's keep it all in one thread rather than creating multiple threads about specific lines.

As for the sentence, I am unsure what part you exactly do not understand, to be honest. The enemy says: "(...) Prepare to die, fool!" and what you quote is one of player's responses that more or less means "That's what many of my enemies say right before I defeat/kill him/her."