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Full Version: Weasel Mods Rules
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Weasel Mods rules:

  1. Primary aim of this forum is to provide space to discuss mods, especially those hosted on Weasel Mods.
  2. On the forum you can't post: pornography, links to pirated material (games, books, movies et cetera), content promoting harmful behavior (abuse, discrimination, racism et cetera).
  3. No one is allowed to offend other users or institutions. Constructive criticism is not considered an offence, but keep in mind that it still requires proper language.
  4. Do not use curse words, especially when referring to any other person (both users of this forum or those that don't have an account on Weasel Mods). Use cultural words. This forum does not accept flaming, hating, shaming or trolling. Again, constructive criticism, disputes about mod/game content and culture are fine, as long as acceptable language and behavior are in use.
  5. You are not expected to agree with ever mod hosted on Weasel Mods. You are not expected to praise those project - you install and use them on your own responsibility.
  6. Content that does not match the forum profile and posts that do not address the topic may be considered a spam thus may be deleted by forum moderators and admins.
  7. Use one account. If you are having troubles with accessing your account, let us know (through other user or on different forums like Spellhold Studios, Gibberlings3, Beamdog Forums, Children of Bhaal - in such case look for Lava Del'Vortel aka Lava).
  8. Do not start new threads if not needed. If there is a bug thread for specific mod and you encounter bugs, use the existing threads. Starting a new one won't increase the chances for a response.
  9. When naming a new thread, make it accurate. For example, when having troubles to find a download link, do not name the thread "Help me!" - instead name it "Problem with finding the download link". It will help to keep the forum clear and easy to browse, especially when looking for help with specific problems.
  10. When posting content like WeiDU logs, groups of images et cetera, use spoiler tags to keep it easy for people to browse the forum. The tip on how to use spoiler tags is usually included under the text editor.
  11. Try to use one mention - - per line when possible. The script bugs when creating a list of mentions. If that happens and you have problems deleting such mentions, use backspace: when it blocks, use a space to break the mention and then again try to erase it.
  12. Feel free to personalize the avatar. However, if content of the used image breaks any of the rules, you risk being banned.
  13. Moderators and admins are free to discuss rules and may together update the forum rules.
  14. Have fun using this forum and let other visitors enjoy their stay at Weasel Mods.

-Weasel Mods Admin