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Full Version: Winter Releases 2022
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Winter Releases are back, and that's good news for those planning to start a new BG run during the Winter Holidays!

We'll be starting really soon. As in previous days, Winter Releases will last 5 days. Each day you'll get some announcements regarding WM projects!


DAY 1: Walahnan BGEE&SOD update | Walahnan BG2EE update
DAY 2: The Journey to the Whin Hill release
DAY 3: Of Heirlooms and Classes update
DAY 4: AG: Bridge's Block updateAG: Alabaster Sands update
DAY 5: Bristlelick update
WM: Winter Releases 2022 - Day 1: Walahnan BGEE & BG2EE

Weasel Mods' Winter Releases start again! Day 1 brings you... updates for both Walahnan BGEE&SoD and Walahnan BG2EE!

Walahnan is a powerful chronomancer and a man who suffers from germophobia. But worry not, he can prove to be more than useful. While his ambitions do not overwhelm those around, he certainly has some aspirations that inspire his studies.

  • Fixed typos / improved language
  • Added journal entries
  • Added journal entries (SoD)
  • EET compatibility
  • Traification

  • EET Compatibility
  • XP adjustment upon the first joining
  • Spawn fix if PC accepts Nalia's Keep as a stronghold

Download (Walahnan BGEE&SOD)
Download (Walahnan BG2EE)
WM: Winter Releases 2022 - Day 2: The Journey to the Whin Hill

Day 2 of Winter Releases brings you... a brand new mod: The Journey to the Whin Hill

The Journey to the Whin Hill is a short IWD-style quest for BG2EE, in which you are sent to find a man in a new area known as the Whin Hill. However beware, as the place is known to be a home for wyverns, but... that's not the only threat you will find there. Also... why would anyone live in such a place? Find out, by visiting this new area and following the path under the hill.

There is also a bonus component: the mod includes a secret optional companion you may add to your game: Afu-Zuuvi, a chaotic neutral cleric/thief. He has less content than fully-fledged companions, but still includes a few short talks with the PC, 1 banter talk with each BioWare / Beamdog NPC in SoA and 1 in ToB. He also includes some interjections, a personal kit, soundset and a couple of items. You may also install basic player-initiated dialogues (an optional component).

Winter Releases 2022 thread
WM: Winter Releases 2022 - Day 3: Of Heirlooms and Classes

Day 3 of Winter Releases brings you... an update of an item mod: Of Heirlooms and Classes

The mod adds 11 artifacts (heirlooms) you may restore with Cromwell's help. Each item is an exclusive heirloom, bound with a particular class, and can only be used by that class. All items are available in Shadows of Amn.

  • Rod of Vinearrows usability flag fix
  • Fixed PI metadata download link
  • EET compatibility note is now included in the readme

Winter Releases 2022 thread
WM: Winter Releases 2022 - Day 4: Bridge's Block and Alabaster Sands

Day 4 of Winter Releases brings you... updates of two Athkatlan Grounds mods: Bridge's Block and Alabaster Sands.

Bridge's Block adds new areas and quests to Shadow of Amn's main city location. This project adds two interior areas inside the great wall that are part of the Bridge District.

Alabaster Sands adds a couple of new quests, all oriented around the titular area, which is nothing else but Athkatla's public beach.

  • Fixed spells (opposite schools)

  • Fixed Sirine's talk
  • Fixed "Fish Merchant" map marker

Download (Bridge's Block)
Download (Alabaster Sands)
WM: Winter Releases 2022 - Day 5: Bristlelick

The final release is here! Day 5 of Winter Releases brings you an update of Bristlelick!

The mod adds a new NPC – a Gnoll Bruiser, a former bandit, who worked for Garclax, a gnoll you may also encounter in the original game during the investigation of the Bandit Camp. Bristlelick is a frontline warrior of neutral character. He enjoys battle, and a fine meal, and seeks vengeance for the death of his trusted companion, Bull-Tall.

What's new in this version? The mod should be now compatible with EET (thanks to Graion Dilach)! Furthermore, XP adjustment was added to his initial joining, so it should be a treat for those that postpone their journey to the Bandit Camp.


And with that release comes the end of Winter Releases! But worry not! That doesn't mean there will be no new updates soon! Until new updates are here, enjoy your Holidays, stay safe and have some hot chocolate!